Grow with Me '2-Way' Zipper Romper - Leopard - PARK STORY

Grow with Me '2-Way' Zipper Romper - Leopard

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The most comfortable and versatile romper around! Our two way zipper romper ensures that changes are quicker and easier than ever. Available in the cutest prints and colors they also feature fold over feet cuffs to keep toes cool or cozy, whichever your baby needs.

About the Brand:

Elephant Moon is a home grown company which was started by a mom of five. Passionate about creating beautiful baby basics whilst supporting conservation at the same time, we like to think that when someone uses one of our products, they are also giving back in another way. All of our clothing is designed to last for longer. Our fabrics are beautifully soft and made using Fair-trade and GOTS and Oeko-Tek certified organic cotton. Elephant Moon is also a social enterprise, working together with Amara Conservation. By helping to raise awareness as well as donating a proportion of the profit from every purchase, we figured that we could create beautiful clothing for children and help protect endangered animals and their habitats. Clothing children today, for a brighter tomorrow.