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Farmer's Chai, Box of 10

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This tea was blended by the farmer, on the farm, using spiced foraged from their neighbors. A single farm chai, y'all. Seriously does not get any better than this. Ingredients: assam black tea, bay leaf, ginger, clove, cardamom We designed our bags extra big to give the tea room to fully expand and breathe while it steeps. 10 compostable tea bags per unit Unit dimensions 3"Wx2.75"Lx5.25"h Shelf life 2 years 100% recyclable outer packaging and 100% compostable inner packagingMade in USA

About the Brand:

Big Heart Tea Co. is a midwest-based, woman-owned tea company on a covert mission to make people feel good through healing herbs. We're scrappy spice millers, herb blenders, tea crafters, chai brewers, and magic makers. We dig connecting people to plants and to the concept of food as medicine – while making it taste really, really good.